Tinkers Running

The first story arc of the Tinkers ended on March 26th, 2013. Over three years I could draw 340 pages, black and white. I gained a lot of experience learning while drawing. For those who followed me since the beginning, and including the most recent readers, they could be able to see an evolution in my work.

Currently, it is still a hard work to get this trilogy ready for printing. I’m still working on the design, formatting, sketching and planning the cover, transferring the new dialogues from the script revised from my editor, and seeing how I can distribute it. Tons of things to do and that’s why I thank you for your comprehension.


Thanks to those who supported me in the last campaign fundraising through Ulule, I could collected a considerable amount to the development of this project. It comes true to print in different languages: English and Spanish. About the french version, I have a surprised for you, guys. Well worth mentioning that I had international support and I was supported primarily by Spanish-speaking readers, others French and English native speakers, without forgetting to mention from Japan, Norway and Portugal =)


Now you can buy it on line HERE. The printed version has considerable adjustments, new panels and edited dialogues. If you would like to see more about manga please download the 12 pages preview.