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Tinkers 2 & 3 Mutated Limited Edition

Hello wasteland survivor,

Long time no posting here. But it doesn’t mean Tinkers are forgotten. I been working, and working hard, on my career. I published the trilogy in Spanish, a trilogy of art books and now I’m bringing you the last two issues of Tinker of the Wasteland in one book.

What? I know it’s hard to understand. But let me explain: In the wasteland there are mutants. The issue contains the last two books of the Tinkers of the Wasteland trilogy. A collector’s edition, only 500 copies were printed.

What makes this edition special is the mutation suffered by books 2 and 3. Result: one aberrant book instead of two 128 page books. All the printer shop owner could tell us was that a gang of mutants broke into his shop. For this reason, I disclaim all responsibility, since in the Wasteland, anything can happen.

Support Tinkers journey by getting the book here.

Thanks for reading!

Tinkers of the Wasteland - Mutated Limited Edition

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