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See u until the new update

There are some situations around me that are making difficult to work on the next update. I moved to the south of Mexico to live for a while with my brother, and this made it difficult to work on Tinkers last week. Also, it might be possible to not update on December 18th because my girlfriend is comin’ this Thursday and it has been more than 10 months that I haven’t seeing her :o She’s japanese if some of you remember…

On the other hand, my parents are comin’ next week and my brother, me and my girlfriend as well, are gonna spend some time together. However, I’m gonna do my best to update on December 18th.

In a nutshell, you might be seeing the next update until December 25th. I’m so sorry for this but sometimes good conditions to continue working are not around. But hey! my love ones and I are gonna spend some time together since long time no see. That’s great, isn’t?

And finally, I encourage you to sign up in the mailing list to get some news of the wastelands. Really few steps! Check your junk mail and don’t forget to confirm your subscription. It’s important to do it in order to contact you after this arc of the story is finished. It’s gonna be in the beginning of february and I have some plans for Tinkers after concluding this huge adventure. What kind of news you can get? before no one else a preview of the concept art book that I assure you it’s really fun to see and to read, such as model sheets, vehicles designs, comments, etc, Also, around 12 NEW pages of the print/final version and some other special content. ;)

I guess I have to wish you happy holidays. I dunno how you celebrate this seasons, but anything you do, spend a great time.

Thanks for reading.


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