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  • Get time to time different kind of stuff, drawings before be on public, sketches, wallpapers and more. This website has a huge community where you can see tons of web-comics. Voting every 24 hours will place Tinkers in the TOP100 or TOP50. With your support this will give them promotion so people can read and know their adventures in the wastelands.

  • Paying with a tweet or posting also in Facebook is a way to support Tinkers. Clicking above it’s going to take you out side the wastelands to authorize Innovative Thunder share Tinkers’ web-comic url. After that you will get an exclusive drawing never seen before. It’s trustful, they CANNOT access your messages or see your password, no worries!

  • Give Tinkers a LIKE and you will get some exclusive content and sneak peeks before anyone else! And don’t forget to click on GET NOTIFICATIONS (see how here) in the same like button to receive updates. At the same time you can be in touch directly with Raúl Treviño, the author of this crazy web-comic.

  • If you buy a hosting clicking from the link above, I’ll get an incentive from this company. It really helps so please considerate it. On the other hand, I can promise they have a great service and their support is effective and they are really friendly.

  • Signing up with Dropbox using the link above will give me extra space whenever someone opens an account referred by me. The goal is to get 16 GB with your help. It is a great free service to store and synchronize my web-comic files.
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