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Hello gang,

Here with something to share. Em… well, not exactly. I was working hard on my webcomic font for being use exclusively for Tinkers as I  mentioned in my last post. It was really fun to make. It would not be the best comic font outside but one of the best in the wastelands for sure. Anyway, this is the font that I’m gonna use in future updates. I hope you dig it!. Thanks for reading.

PLEASE VOTE FOR MY WEBCOMIC!!! You can vote every 24 hrs. Help me to reach the top 100 of this month.


Please feel free to let me know if you encounter any glitches or grammar/spelling errors. Your name will appear in the Thank You page of an e-book or printed English version. Please comment with the name you want to be credited. And add a website if you have one. Thanks.


This is turning out great. You should start releasing these pages more often, like, twice a week… Just saying! Hahaha.

First page.
Sixth panel: -you’re such a fucked up [alien - being] (I would highly suggest to specify something after /fucked up, for in this way it would be more understandable and easier to read, and finish this sentence)
Sixth panel: The mission of each one of us is to-

Everything else is flawless. Regards!


john Doe Reply:

or just say fuck up


Raul Trevino Reply:

Done, thank yo so much! (Click refresh to see changes).


Pedro Ortiz IV Reply:

I guess John meant to write “You’re such a fuck up”, but “You’re fucked up” would also work.


Panel 5 We’re ( or we are)on our own.
Panel 6 Oh my god you’re a fuck up!
Panel 6 A brigade picks them up.
Panel 6 No colonization, sorry for the suffering and peace out.


Raul Trevino Reply:

Done! thank you so much. (click refresh to see the changes).


“tasteless once you’ve tried them” or “once you try them” or “once you’ve had one”.

“The mission of each one of us is to keep the chikrons safe” not save.


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