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Hello gang,

Lately I’ve been learning more about lettering for comics and I’m more passionate about this topic. At the end I came with the idea to make my own comic font and I’m working on it right now. Here’s a preview of the font Tinker Talk. I still working on some details to get it ready for use. By the way, I’m sorry for this but it’s not going to be on sale or for downloading. At least not yet, maybe in the future. However, I’m planning to do more fonts, specially for the mutants, monsters or so. It’s really fun!

About the update, well, these pages and the following ones are going to reveal more about the plot. Honestly  I’ve making small tweaks in the story in order to continue writing more story arcs, (I promise they are not going to be this long. I wish I could make them of 96 or 120 pages, let’s see. Thanks for reading.

See ya guys!


PLEASE VOTE FOR MY WEBCOMIC!!! You can vote every 24 hrs. Help me to reach the top 50 of this month.

Please feel free to let me know if you encounter any glitches or grammar/spelling errors. Your name will appear in the Thank You page of an e-book or printed English version. Please comment with the name you want to be credited. And add a website if you have one. Thanks.


Damn it, I feel like a grammar Nazi right now, but, as aforementioned by yourself on the statement you wrote in red, I shall go ahead and do it (again):

First page.
Second panel: I can spend time guessing where is it.
Third panel: You humans didn’t even stop the meteorites before.
Fourth panel: –the earth as a breeding place and shelter for–

Second page.
Fourth panel: –it was part of the procedure–
Sixth panel: –wasn’t fully operational.

And, I’m not sure if you wanted to write “moking” or “mocking” in that panel, too.

Kind regards, and keep it up!


Raul Trevino Reply:

Thank you so much Pedro for your help. Do it as many times as you want. I appreciate the time you you spent on this. :) Click refresh to see changes.


In addition to Pedro’s corrections:
first page,
Second panel: change “I’ve been exploring the body” to “I’ll be exploring your body” maybe? reads better I think
Third panel: coming next either

second page, Sixth panel: maybe you meant “mucking around”? that’s a phrase in English, not sure if its what you were going for.

Hope these help. Loving the reveals of whats been happening behind the scenes of this apocalypse. Keep them comin’!


Raul Trevino Reply:

Fantastic, this is of a great help. I think -mucking- is what I was trying to say. Is it like making mischief? Something like that.

About the body sentence, I was trying to refer to the body in general. So I wrote this new line: I’ve been exploring -living being bodies- to satisfy my sexual needs.

Click refresh to see changes.

Great you liked it! More to come.


Ivarian Reply:

The ‘living being’s bodies’ change makes that much more clear, I like it.


Raul Trevino Reply:

Great, done! (Refresh)


Nathan Reply:

Mucking around figuratively means aimless play or idling; it implies playing in muck(mud) like a child. I think you mean something slightly different. Maybe “Coming out of the woodwork” (like cockroaches showing up everywhere) or “Running amok” (Go nuts and cause mayhem/murder

Also, page one, panel 2:
“to breath” should be “to breathe” (breath is the noun for air in lungs, breathe is the verb for moving breath in and out of lungs.)

“I can spend time guessing where is it.” should be ” I can spend time guessing where it is.” unless you mean for it to be a question.

Hope this helps; I love the comic. Thanks for sharing it with us.


I like your work here i don’t have much to say about this particular page but overall i love how it “feels” the line quality with the design of the characters and environment.


Raul Trevino Reply:

Thank you so much John, I’m glad you are enjoying this story.


Wow, this is by far one of the best put-together comics that I have ever read. The story is amazing, the characters are unique, the pages are beautiful! I can’t wait for more!


Anthony Reply:

Sorry, I meant manga.


“Somewhere on Earth there are another Chickrons”- should be “Somewhere on Earth there are other Chickrons” or maybe, since you are referring to several other places, “elsewhere”.

Also “hundred” feels wrong, should be either “a hundred” or “hundreds”.

And, “a big hole to stay IN”.


I had not kept up with Tinkers for awhile. Doing the archive dive now.
Who would have thought that King Queer was such a philosopher/mystic!
” Nothing in life is to be feared. It’s only to be understood.”
Excellent creation Mr. Trevino!!


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