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The Gang

18 years old
Date of birth: Around the year 2033, after the meteorites fell
Place of birth: Somewhere in the Wasteland

Mean, authentic, tough and a bit of a tomboy. She has been studying Marital Arts since young, and yeah, Marital Arts no Martial Arts. She has been naming this Chinese Kung Fu style like this because she doesn’t know to read that good. Remember? in the wastelands school doesn’t exist anymore, YAY!!! She made a deal with Splitter to trade her chickens for some suppositories (she made Splitter believe that the suppositories were gonna give him the ability to read).  She’s a virgin and trying to stay that way among the Wasteland’s vast range of sick perverts and horny mutant horses.

19 years old
Date of Birth:

Around the year 2032, after the meteorites fell
Place of birth: Possibly inside of an abandoned apartment building

As with many people from the Wasteland, his name was given to him based on his personality and not with some abstract habit of reference.  He learned almost everything he knows at Chrome Village.  There, he became a pretty decent cook, cutting chicken’s throats and making chicken soup, and it was there also that he met Milla.  He met Milla when they were children (even then, they argued often), and ever since, both of them have always enjoyed getting into mischief and exploring new places.  Although he has often told himself that he hates Milla, he has always loved her deeply.  The camp was eventually destroyed by mutants, and along with Milla and Chapi, he escaped to the Wasteland, where the three of them continue to survive to this day.


9 years old
Date of birth: Sometime in 2040

In addition to his ever-growing collection of helmets, Chapi possesses an incredibly vast array knowledge; for example, he can speak five languages.  In fact, he’s the smartest boy on earth, and the secret hope of the Wasteland.  However, he has problems with his imaginary enemies (yeah, not imaginary friends).  Ask Milla about his problem; she’ll explain it to you very clearly.


48 years old
Date of birth: Sometime in 2003

He’s the leader of the gayest and most eccentric gang in all of the Wasteland.  He survived the rain of meteorites in 2032.  A year before that at age 28, he was the youngest presidential candidate in history, and would probably have been the youngest president.  Nevertheless, the Wasteland has turned out to be the perfect place for him to satisfy his needs, desires and obsessions.  For instance, he’s been collecting chickens ever since he got that mysterious message from an unknown and menacing source.

Between 20 and 25
Date of birth: Unknown

Nobody knows much about him, other than that he’s a cannibal.  Nobody’s seen his face, and if you’ve even seen him, it’s because he was merciful enough to let you survive.  However, there are a few things about him that are certain: he knows how to fight, he has an awesome car, and he uses radioactive flies on his enemies.

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