Hola! My name is Raúl Treviño. I’m a Mexican comic book writer and illustrator. In 2003 I got the best short story award at the 1st Norma Editorial International Competition. This opened the doors for me in this house to publish in 2004 my first author work called The Dance of the Conquest, an action-adventure trilogy inspired by the pre-hispanic history in Mexico. Currently I write and draw this web-comic, and with the support of the readers I got funded to continue developing it. I’m trying hard to reach my dream of making my living just drawing manga or comics or whatever you want to call them, for me it’s just an amazing and beautiful platform to express myself.

I’m a HUGE fan of post-apocalyptic genre and this web-comic is a project where I get to draw what I love: cars, post-apocalyptic environments and crazy characters. It’s been a bunch of years since I started this journey, bringing with it satisfaction, fun and specially making new friends. See more of his work in his personal website.

On the other hand, I could not have accomplished this project successfully without the support of a group of very special people:

Mio Kuniyoshi. My counselor and my editor. She has been helping me on this project with her advices and recommendations. A Japanese manga reader since she was a little girl, makes her have a special capacity that has enriched my work.

Dono Sánchez. My friend, colleague and brother-in-arms on the battlefield. Author of Turbo Defiant. We have been fighting shoulder to shoulder and giving each other feedback. Certainly, a person who has helped me when needed. Daonumen.com and TurboDefiant.com

Josh Candia. Designer, illustrator and writer. An avid consumer of comic books and films that has had several awards as a screenwriter in Mexico. When I’m writing, he’s always available when I ask him for advice. This made me realize that we are a good team and we will work together in the next adventure of Tinkers. JoshCandia.com

Nicolas Forsans. Former editor of the french editorial Humanoids and current Muttpop partner. He encouraged me to start fundraising my web-comic when I thought it could never be completed. Along with his assistant Marie Renier, they are the ones in charge of translating Tinkers to French. Muttpop.fr

Robert Diamond. English writing teacher in Canada. I tried to learn as much as I could from him when I studied aboard. Great sense of humor, with the dream of one day writing comics. He’s so committed to tuning up the new Tinkers dialogues that he dresses the part in order to get inside the minds of the Wasteland characters.