Tinkers Presentation


In a post-apocalyptic world, three young adventurers and somewhat crazy, find that the chickens they’ve been hunted as a food will be part of a dire threat that could destroy what it remains of humanity.


Tinkers of the Wasteland is an action-adventure web-comic of the post-apocalyptic genre, whose first story arc–updated weekly for over three years–concluded in March, 2013. In this first adventure, a group of three orphaned, and somewhat lunatic, kids have been struggling to survive in a now-devastated world, known as the Wasteland. Having found a map that leads to a mysterious “bunker”, the kids are ultimately lead to discover that the chickens they have been collecting are actually all part of a surreal alien threat. The kids are recruited for a daffy and dangerous mission that includes their operating a giant robot devoid of any weaponry (probably the least strange thing to happen to them) in a climactic battle, all of which, like everything else in this story, ends up testing their friendship and their determination to survive. 

The Gang


Milla, 18 years old.  A rude, feral tomboy, and wily practitioner of martial arts.  Wait a minute … Make that marital arts (as she calls them).


Splitter, 19 years old.  The audacious and slap-happy driver of The Pirate (their fast and true mini-copper).  Always hungry, and often suspicious of his boogers, which he believes could be mutant life-forms.


Chapi, 9 years old.  In addition to his ever-growing collection of helmets, Chapi possesses an incredibly vast array knowledge; for example, he can speak five languages. In fact, he’s the smartest boy on earth, and the secret hope of the Wasteland.